Preneed Funeral Insurance


With Texas Service Life Insurance Company (TSLIC) policies, your pre-arranged funeral plan is secured. A TSLIC Agent can help you find a product that is suited to you and will fit your budget.
How It Works

Select your funeral options.

Fill out insurance application.

Answer quick health questions.

Review optional coverages.

Select payment terms.

Why Might You Want It?
  • Make your own funeral option selections so your family knows what you want.
  • Help cover your eventual final expenses.
  • Control much of the cost of your funeral and release your family from more expensive choices during their time of mourning.
  • Help guard against inflation by freezing most of the costs at today’s prices.
  • Give comfort to your family and loved ones by specifying your choices and pre-funding your plan.

With Texas Service Life Insurance Company, the following options are available:

Insurance policies are subject to a two-year contestability period. Talk with your TSLIC agent to determine the right funeral selections, funding policy, and payment options most suited to you.


This policy is available for applicants in excellent health. Payment options include a single payment, or payments over 3, 5, 7 and 10 years. Covers 100% of the locked-in costs of your pre-arranged funeral plan as long as you qualify and payments are made as scheduled.


This policy is available for applicants in poor to moderate health. Covers increasing percentages of locked-in funeral costs over time, as shown in the table below. The funeral home is entitled to collect the difference, if any, between the total contract price and the death benefit at time of death.

Graded Benefit table


Any one can purchase the Monthly Increasing Benefit policy. When payments are made as scheduled, the death benefit is based on the amount paid up until the time a claim is filed. Once your policy is paid in full, the full benefit value will be paid upon your death.

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