TPA & Marketing Services

TPA Services

You are growing your business. You want to find the right partner to help reduce your operational costs, improve the bottom line and work efficiently with your team. Let TSLIC manage your policy administration, agent licensing and commissions, and regulatory reporting so you can focus on growing your organization and increasing your profitability. Our experienced and knowledgeable bilingual staff members are ready to help you to serve your agents and your policyholders.

Our Agent and Policyholder Services include:

  • Policy Administration including
    • Premium Billing and Receipt
    • New Business Processing
    • Claims Processing
  • Agent Services Including
    • Licensing and Appointment
    • Field Management
    • Commissions Processing
  • Regulatory Compliance Services such as
    • Accounting & Statutory Statement Preparation
    • Regulatory Relations
    • Senior Management Reporting
Marketing Consulting Services

Growing your company means growing your sales. To find the right salespeople, you need to dedicate valuable time and resources. With our considerable experience and success in marketing our own products and developing the right team, we can help you recruit and train a staff of professionals to expand and develop your business.

Our Services include:

  • Agent Recruitment and Licensing
  • Agent Compensation and Commissions
  • Agent Contracting
  • Lead Generation and Control
  • Management of Sales and Promotions Programs
  • Design and Production of Marketing Materials
  • Advertising

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    Our exclusive range of products feature a COMPLIMENTARY Child Rider.
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