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Here are some common questions that many families have when thinking about funeral preplanning.

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Why should I consider a pre-arrangement?
A pre-arrangement allows you to make your funeral arrangements before the time of need. It is as important as planning your retirement or the insurance benefits you leave for your family. Without a preneed funeral plan, your family is left to make all the decisions regarding your funeral during a time of grief and loss, and will also be responsible for the financial burden of your funeral expenses. By preplanning, you relieve your family of that responsibility and provide them with peace of mind
What kind of decisions do I have to make for a pre-arrangement?
When making pre-arrangements, you can plan the type of service to be held, the merchandise to be used and other details typically associated with this event. You will review your options and make decisions such as:

  • Burial options: Casket and vault selection
  • Cremation options
  • Floral arrangements
  • Memorial or funeral service
  • Catering
  • Music
  • And more…

Your plan and options are carefully documented to ensure that your wishes will be followed when the time comes.

How do I pay for a pre-arrangement? What payment options are available to me?
We have products and payment plans suitable for everyone. You can pay for the entire policy at once (Single Pay Option), or can make arrangements to distribute your payments over a number of years (Multi-Pay Option). Our agents will work with you to find the right plan and solution to fit your financial needs. Visit our Products & Services section to review which payment plan would be the right one for you.
Why do I need life insurance or a trust to pay for my pre-arranged funeral?
To safeguard your investment and have it available at the time of need, your funds are invested in an insurance policy or held in a trust. They follow strict government guidelines and regulations to ensure that they can provide payment when a claim is filed.
I made pre-arrangements with a local funeral home, but my insurance policy is being administered by Texas Service Life. Why is that?
While your funeral arrangements will be carried out by your funeral home, your payment funds and insurance policy or trust will be managed by a licensed financial institution. Your funds will be safe and secure with a company that is government regulated to ensure its financial stability and enable it to provide payment at the time of need.
Are my funds safe when I prepay?
Absolutely. By setting up your policy with Texas Service Life, you can feel safe knowing that your investment will be safeguarded by a company with a 60-year history in the community. TSL has strong financial stability and is consistently recognized for its financial strength. You can rest assured that your funds will be safe and secure.
If I choose the multiple payments option and later decide to pay off the policy, can I do that?
Depending on the type of policy you have and how long it has been in effect, you may have the option to pay down your balance. If this option is available to you, there may or may not be savings associated with exercising the early pay-off option. Please call our Customer Service Department at 1.800.756.7306 for additional details.
What if I want to make a change to my funeral plan?
Changing your pre-arranged funeral will affect the payment arrangements of your insurance policy. Please call our Customer Service Department at 1.800.756.7306 and we will be glad to discuss options available to you.
What if I want to cancel my prepaid funeral arrangements?
If you wish to cancel your funeral arrangements along with your payment plan, you will need to speak with our Customer Service Department at 1.800.756.7306 to review your contract and determine the refund options available to you.
What if I move to another city or out of state?
Texas Service Life offers an optional Out-Of-State Rider that can provide additional benefits to offset the added costs of an out-of-state funeral. In addition, while the funeral price is not guaranteed, if you have the funeral out-of-state, you can still maintain your life insurance policy and the benefits it provides. Contact our Customer Service Department at 1.800.756.7306 to review your options.
What should be done at the time of death?
Upon making your policy arrangements with Texas Service Life, you will be provided with a policy ID Card containing important information about your plan. You should make sure that your family or close friends are made aware of this information. Instruct your family to contact the funeral home that helped organize your funeral arrangements. If your family does not have the name or number of the funeral home, they can contact our Claims Department at 1.800.756.7306 or so we can put them in touch with the right person and begin the process of filing a claim on your policy.

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